Monday, August 30, 2010


Dear Friends,

As I will be very busy over the course of the next week preparing for my entrance into the Fathers of Mercy postulancy on September 5th, 2010, this will be my last post, for the foreseeable future. May God bless you and may Mary be your Queen.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
James Walther

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Priestly and deaconate Ordination

I recently attended the Ordinations of two Fathers of Mercy brothers to the Deaconate, Ken and Jeul, and the ordination of the Fathers of Mercy Deacon to the Priesthood, Joseph. I was book bearer, which was interesting since His Excellency, Bishop Choby of Nashivlle, celebrated from the throne. I didn't know I could kneel on marble holding out a book for that long. It was a great blessing to be right there, to see and hear everything. One of the new Deacons, Juel, and the new Priest, Joseph, are blood brothers. I forgot to get a copy of the brochure, so I wont even try to guess Ordinandi's full names. It was a wonderful day, made better by being introduced to the bishop as a future member of the order.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I just downloaded Fedora, which is a Linux distribution. People say that I am a licensed Exrta Class geek, nerd, dork, weird, etc. and now I have to agree. I can now say that I: have written or at least edited all the code for my own site, have edited Wikipedia, type the right way, have hacked and altered programs, permanently modified my station hardware, use the geek's OS, built my own antennas, know how to drive a stick, am a homeschooler, have a telegraph key and know how to use it, can read schematics, have the highest Amateur radio license, am an Eagle scout with a full set of palms, am in an honor camper society (the Order of the Arrow), received recognition for my score on the National Financial Literacy Challenge, kicked butt in 4-H, am a NRA Light Rifle Expert Marksman, throw knives and tomahawks, have this thing about hats and liturgical attire, play guitar, like speaking in Latin, finger spelling, and basic ASL, enjoy and have written music and poetry, have read most of the Bible, can trim a horse's hooves, work on a Holstein heifer farm, can do 15 pull-ups, like the Red Green Show and Star Trek, am originally from Nashville, Tennessee, am an alter sever, and am going to become a priest. Yeah, I am weird and I am proud of it! After all normalcy and mediocrity are quite often synonymous. God bless the guys like me. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Have you ever wanted to go to something, but the person who was putting it on had know idea that you wanted to go; & your not sure if they would want you to go if they did; & for once you don't feel like being so rude as to tell them that you would like to go or just invite yourself; & it is starting to sink in that the time for such things is running out because your life as you know it is about to end forever? If you do then I guess I'm not the only dork who is about to go to seminary.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Beloved

I was wanting to spend the next few Saturday nights with one or another of my favorite female friends, before my official dating cutoff, May 29, 2010, the Fathers of Mercy ordination. Now I realize that to do so would be like trying to have my cake and eat it, wanting to be single and mingle up till the last minute while the one I claim to love is waiting on me. It seams that yet again I have shown that I am not the Catholic Southern Gentleman that I should be, if not in action then in words and thought, which are no better.

Yet another time when I wish that I could turn over my free will to another who will take control and lead me aright; yet, I know full well that the one who will walk arm in arm with me along the road to perfection, both spiritual and temporal, will never take control. The one I speak of is my true beloved who I so carelessly neglect. She does not force, she guides; allowing me to go astray if I so chose without ever loosing her own way. Sometimes she allows me to get tangled in the briers by the ways side, but even then as she helps me to my feet she plucks a rose, with a drop of my own blood staining a white petal as a reminder to watch both just in front of my feet and off in the distance, all the while keeping my fingers locked with hers.

As each mile, hill, and vlel passes we will grow closer together till at long last she gives herself completely to me, as undeserving as I am or will be, for though I reach the sanctity if John the Baptist it will never be enough. I cannot love her as I ought, but with God's grace I can do all things. The terrible splendor of the thought of becoming one flesh with her is beyond my comprehension, much more my pen. By the grace of God we will bear many children and they shall be of good stock (on their mother's side) and if I care for them and teach them well they may too in turn bear much fruit, generation after generation.

The knowledge of my incapacity of fulfilling my task of loving my dear as I ought should not discourage me. On the contrary it should motivate me to press on, and on, and on, for I know her Master's word to be good and he has assured me that I will be rewarded a hundred fold! With that in mind what is one more step? So I think that I shall be spending the next few Saturday nights dating after-all. I will be meeting my date at the Chapel of Divine Mercy, where we will converse, I telling my faults and she her virtues; we will smile at each other; sing to and with each other. I will fall more madly in love with her, as she reveals to me her already perfect love and I will find such happiness in her as cannot be found elsewhere this side of the Eternal Paradise, where I will be raised to perfection with her.

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Website

Announcing the release of my new website: This site automatically displays the last twelve pictures that I have received via ham radio. I get many new one daily so check back often.

God bless.
James W4CPM

Warning: FCC regulations forbids Sexually Explicit content to be transmitted over the ham bands; however, this does not effect non-American Amateurs, the rules are vague so some hams push the limit, and of course there are a few who just ignore the rules all together. If I notice impure content I will try to intercept it before it is posted and will delete it if I notice it after the fact, as I am not always at my rig when it is on. For the most part the pictures I get are clean; but, just FYI.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Update

Happy Easter, all. I expect that henceforth blogging will be light at best, as I am now in the second phase of application to the Fathers of Mercy and have a lot to do before it is time to go. God bless.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ordination of His Excellency William Medley

Deo gratias! His Excellency William Francis Medley has been consecrated and installed as the fourth bishop of the Diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky. I was in attendance at his ordination. First off, I was greatly relived in many ways, because, to be brutally honest, I have been very skeptical about our new bishop and afraid that he would turn out to be just as liberal and spineless as so many of the bishops these days. Allot of the less important facets of the ordination grated on my nerves, specifically the guitars, the female altar servers, that none of the severs used a vimpa, and that the masters of ceremonies concelebrated instead of being in choro. Now that I got those things I don't like out let me say what I did like. I like and respect our new bishop. He is obviously zealous about his new life as our shepherd. I like that he wore an episcopal choir cassock for the mass under his vestments and that as far as I could see he wore all of the appropriate vestments in the proper way. I like his crosier, which is of a simple gold design that looked pretty solid, not one of these cheap wooden screw apart ones. I liked that he comes from a good sized family of five kids and that (as far as I could tell) all of his immediate family are in full communion with the church and that a good portion of his extended family are as well. I liked that the only ones to distribute communion were ordained clerics. I liked that at the reception my bishop wore a very nice (and by my guess roman-made) house cassock. I like that he walks with confidence, has a good hand shake, and a beaming smile. This is a good enough time to mention that I unintentionally met him at the door of the ballroom at the reception hall and he stepped right up to me smiling as big as could be and gave me a big firm handshake. I've been kicking myself for not remembering to bow and kiss his ring, but I did remember to address him as "Your Excellency", so I'm getting at least a little bit better with my hierarchical manners. I liked that he asked a bishop, who I understand to be a very holy man, to ordain him and that the bishops who were there, who I recognized at least, are strong defenders of the faith. I thought it was cool seeing to abbots from nearby abbeys wearing their miters, one of them also wore pectoral cross on a black and gold chord and a black zuchetto. I liked seeing all of the diocesan seminarians. I liked seeing over a dozen permanent deacons and a good handful of transitional deacons. I liked seeing over a hundred priest concelebrate. I liked seeing several of the Fathers of Mercy, including the Superior General concelebrate. I liked hearing the words of Our Holy Father to Bishop Medley proclaimed. I know I already said so but it bears repeating, I like my new bishop. He was so obviously excited that he almost seamed to radiate. I honestly don't think he stopped smiling the whole time. I like that he celebrated the mass reverently, with love. I like how at the end of his comments he said how much he loves us. I pray that he will become one of the next American bishop-saints. God bless Bishop Medley!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goodbye American Idol

Dear American Idol,

For years now you have entertained me and my family with your outstanding mix of talent and lack thereof. I have enjoyed the chance to vote on real artist and the suspense of waiting for the results. In the few years that I have been really paying attention to the show, the only blot on you was that revolting excuse of a human, much less a man, Adam Lambert. Dropping Paula from the cast was a let down, but you made up for it with the celebrity guest judges. I would be more than happy to keep watching you; however, I cannot in good conscience do so. What is the cause of this sudden abandonment? Ellen DeGeneres, is the simple answer. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have a qualm about watching. She is homosexual, liberal, and socialistic. She is in favor of the legalized murder of the unborn and against the right to bear arms. She has no respect for the Christian religion, least of all Catholicism. It seams that all the things for which I stand, I fight, and am ready to die for she would destroy. You might call me a homophobe or bigot and to be honest I don't mind. I am not afraid of her or any other gay person, on account of their disordered lifestyle, therefore homophobe doesn't apply to me. As for bigot, well yes I am intolerant of grave and public sin, so if that's what you mean then you are correct. The battle lines in America have been drawn and no more then I would sit down to eat with a Muslim Terrorist, will I sit down to be entertained by an Atheist Terrorist. Is terrorist a word that can be applied to Miss DeGeneres and others like her? Yes it is! In the French Reign of Terror about 40,000 people were murdered by one of the most blatantly tyrannical governments in history. Blood is said to have flowed through the streets of Paris. Since 1973, over 50 million Americans have been murdered in the womb. That figures up to, about 131 thousand more babies die per year in America than all the people who died in the 13 month long Reign of Terror. So Yes, those who support abortion and euthanasia are terrorist and I will not support them in any way shape or form, outside of that which is required in Christian charity. It saddens me that you, American Idol, the show that would show the best that America has to offer would have your best talent judged by a woman who is a traitor. You should drop America from your name OR, even better, drop Ellen DeGeneres. Goodbye, American Idol, may I be able to watch you again one day soon. God Bless America!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Journal Entry: 1/29/2010

Was rather sick Thursday night. .... I had to skip work. Stayed in bed most of the day. Today I went back to work, but didn't stay for breakfast. .... ARES [Amateur Radio Emergency Service] is on statewide stand-by. I tried to check in, but Echolink [a program that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to link Amateur Radio stations] wasn't working on the repeater end, again. I tried to make some QSO's [Ham radio contacts], but propagation wasn't in my favor.