Yamaha New Vixion Advance ... Officially Released for sale at a price of Rp. 24,25 millions ... add 400ribu for variant Movistarwarungasep

Yamaha New Vixion Advance .... Vixion new 2015 version, the lamp is cool shroudnya sharper and more efficient ...
Warungasep.net - Exactly today on May 20, 2015 in Digital Serpong Center, Yamaha Indonesia released its newest motorcycle Yamaha New Vixion Advance ... we already know in advance that there are unique behavior berogo manufacturer tuning fork is now, because if usually launching first bike then begin to pivot and distribute it, but this time is different marketing style, quite the contrary viewers ... Yamaha motorcycle beforehand distribute to consumers and dealers to have fun then .. steady
So we already know, NVA short-selling motor sport in Indonesia there are 2 variants, among others:
Wuiih wak ... ya hajj kereen suitable for iklanya star .. hehe For more details Click to see more detail variants Vixion livery Movistar here
Well for the price of 400 thousand only just different audiences, be priced around OTR Jakarta:

New Vixion standard Advance: Rp. 24.25 million
New Vixion Advance Movistar: Rp. 24.65 million
So what are the differences facelift to 3 generations Vixion which had stood ever since tahoen Doea toejoeh riboe this with previous versions, see the following details of viewers:

Headlamp new Vixion Advance different, more handsome more pointed da cooler than the previous version .... (Read full here)
Although the specifications of the engine remains the same, NVA has a power of 16.59 PS at 8000 rpm and max torque of 14.5 NM at 7500 rpm but the difference only a cylindrical shape and color of the paint on the engine crankcase cover gold berwarba ... See details here

Shroud or tebeng NVA sharper and not like CB1000RR again ... unique is the inscription "Vixion" emblem of his life .. wow viewers more elegant ...
This is no longer accessories but have become part of Default or innate part of the factory viewers ... and he could PNP with steady NVL
Well that is just different length doang with previous Vixion too long, it becomes increasingly shorter ... wah gk nyiprat backward tuh yes if ujan ???

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